Seed Talks – The Science of Intergenerational Trauma
13th March 2024 - 7:00 pm

Experiences affect your sense of self, your wellbeing and your future, including ones that aren’t your own: these can be inherited within families and communities, with trauma passed down through generations. Join Dr Rebecca Hamer in exploring the various dimensions of trauma in this illuminating talk. Discover how it can be inherited, its intersections with gender and marginalisation, and how a lack of understanding can increase its likelihood and severity. Drawing on her research with trauma survivors, Rebecca will demonstrate how inheritances of trauma throughout families and deprived populations affect the opportunities, health, wellbeing and life trajectories of entire communities. Examine how current systems and institutions are contributing to the perpetuation of intergenerational trauma, and the exacerbation of the symptoms and stigmatised coping strategies associated with trauma.

This talk will also delve into the impact of trauma-informed practice, which is slowly beginning to gain recognition. Learn about the pioneering work of Rotherham’s Trauma and Resilience Service, which is transforming the lives of families who have undergone chronic intergenerational trauma. By reflecting on the large-scale effects of intergenerational trauma, develop a trauma-informed perspective and adopt a powerful, compassionate understanding of the behaviours and experiences of yourself and your loved ones.


Network 14 Matilda St
Sheffield City Centre
Sheffield S1
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